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What and who is Sansei Ceramic Tiles? 
SanĚsei [ saan sÓy , saan sßy ] (plural SanĚseis,SanĚsei) noun                 
N American person with Japanese grandparents:  a son or daughter of nisei (second generation) parents who is born and educated in America and esp. in the U.S.   See also Nisei See also Issei
[Mid-20th century. From Japanese, literally "third generation."]

  Born a third generation Japanese American, I decided to honor my ancestry by naming my company after my heritage.  My grandfather immigrated to Hawaii to work on the plantation fields, as did many Japanese.  My father, born in Hawaii is the true artist of our family.  He is a hobby ceramicist, woodcarver, etcher and watercolorist.  He dabbles in all forms of art.   As a potter, I must say he is quite good.  His pieces went from thick and heavy in the beginning, with an, "I don't know what color glaze is that", to thin and beautifully glazed.  

My mother is a retired seamstress.  It was in her footsteps, which I first followed.  After receiving a BFA from the University of Hawaii, I owned Aisha Blue Designs a clothing design company, which clients included:  Tiffany & Co., Chaumet, Renoma, Celine Paris and Testoni's.  

To give my father a fair shake, I dissolved AB Designs and began Sansei Ceramic tiles, based in Ohio.  I design and create all of the tiles you see on our web site one at a time.  I hope to share these miniature works of art with you and hope they bring a sense of beauty and joy to your home. 

Nikki Nakamura
Sansei Ceramic Tiles

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