Medium Fire Glaze Pallet 
for Medium Fire clay only.  
Click here for on clay body Specifications & information.
Handmade sample 1.5"x1.5" chips available for $2 each. 

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Medium fire glazes are unstable, therefore results will vary.  Glazes do not "stay put" and tiles will have a "pooled" effect onto lower relief areas.   
One color choice per tile only.  We can not use multiple colors on a tile.  Colors are not compatible, may run together or chemically change into another color.

m=matte g=gloss sg=semi gloss 

MS-67                    MS-29                      MS-26                    MS-63                      MS-72                     MS-6                            
Clear Matt-m       Clear bright-g        Snow Flake-sg       Colonial White-g   French Gray-o       High Gloss Black-g                

               MS-69                       MS-19                 MS-39                   
Almond-g           Almond Spice-g         Cream-m             Desert Yellow-g  

 MS-36                 MS-76                     MS-79                     MS-82                      MS--18                     MS--38     
 Blue                    Sea Foam-m            Alfred Blue-m       Sky Blue                  Robin's Egg-g         Fern Mist -m      
 Frost -m

The WC series has a cracked glass appearance.  They are not suitable for wet areas.           

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